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Personalized Birth poster Zodiac

Personalized Birth poster Zodiac

A wonderful poster with birth details and zodiac sign, provided by you, surrounded with stars. This is the perfect print to hang in your childs room or to give away as a birth present or a christening / name giving gift. Choose the colour you prefer and hand us all the details (name, date of birth, time, weight and length) and we will create a beautiful poster for you. The examples on the images are in Swedish but of course you can choose the language and metrics you wish for.

Colours to choose between can bee seen among the images (press the arrows on the picture to scroll through all images) and they are:
pink, blue, grey, green, black and white.

When you have placed your order we will contact you to get your preferred colour and all the details regarding the poster. It is therefore very important that you insert the correct email adress and that you check your inbox for a message from us.

Note that this is a custom order and can therefore take up to 14 days to ship.

PS: Be sure to tag us on social media if you upload any photos. We’d love to see them!
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300 SEK